The focus of our service at Love Profit Consulting is to consult with you with the highest standard for excellence from a Love and Profit based perspective. Love promoting overall wellness for yourself, family and community. Profit promoting the apex of potential success, and consulting as the means to achieve your goals more quickly and without as many challenges.

Step 1 – Finding your opportunity to improve

The first step to utilising a consultant is to search out your opportunity to improve your awareness or the systems of something, is there anything you need or want to improve now or in the near future? Is there anything you want to target systematically through proactive brainstorming and critical analysis with a consultant?

The privilege of being a consultant comes from a history of unique life experience and perspectives typically beyond a persons average experience or awareness which allows me to bring my broad scope of things and offer that scope with precision on any problem or opportunity.

Step 2 – Pre-meeting preparation

Once a subject matter has been identified, the next step is to create some contextual notes of what we will be working on. Included within the basic consulting $100 price point is a Pre-meeting and after a post meeting. In this current stage you are defining the purpose of the consultation, what you are looking to get out of it and arranging payment and logistics for our in person consultation.

To get the most out of a consultation, it is best to give me your consultant the most information possible so they can come in with all context and background information necessary to offer the best educated opinion and referencing available.

Part 3 – The Consultation

Here is the best part of a consultation, right there on the edge of limitless opportunity and potential. In these moments of a consultation with the right question you could discover the future, you could define the future. The value of consultations is defined by ones equity potential. Ones ability to redefine a market, product, service or one of many other essential components of a business, life or organisation.

A problem although negative can actually have a lot of value, but even more valuable more often than not. Is the solution, here at Love Profit Consulting. We love helping people, we love helping everything and so to have the privilege to tackle billion dollar problems in just a few hours with a modest budget. That is what life is all about around here, taking common problems and transforming them into extraordinary solutions.

Part 4 – The Post Meeting Notes

After the consultation has concluded it is our duty to send you the post meeting notes. In these notes will be all the items we talked about and any conclusions made after the fact made through more research or reflection. This is also the clients opportunity to settle the ladder half of the bill.

It is the hope that from every consultation that value is made exceeding that of the cost of the consultation. In many cases of the past this has not been an issue, in some instances individuals and businesses bring me in to solve many problems and to generate many ideas, in these instances the value generated could be 10 or more times the cost of the consultation. Don’t aim for good, aim for the best.

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