Covid Response

Warm greetings to anyone interested in the Covid Response of Love Profit Consulting and owner Joseph McDonald. Please consider this resource available to be copied and redistributed as an aid to all those facing discrimination because of their moral, political, spiritual, philosophical or legal awareness.

We are meant to be free, protect yourself, and your family, and god bless! Written April 25th 2021

The Nuremberg Code

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

Bill of Rights

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Ontario Human Rights Code

Protected grounds are:

· Age

· Ancestry, colour, race

· Citizenship

· Ethnic origin

· Place of origin

· Creed

· Disability

· Family status

· Marital status (including single status)

· Gender identity, gender expression

· Receipt of public assistance (in housing only)

· Record of offences (in employment only)

· Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)

· Sexual orientation.

Protected social areas are:

· Accommodation (housing)

· Contracts

· Employment

· Goods, services and facilities

· Membership in unions, trade or professional associations.

Toronto bylaw – Clearly states that no one has to wear a mask, as we are protected by the ontario-human-rights-code as supported by the Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code.

Barrie bylaw – This document has no jurisdiction to contradict the Bill of Rights, and therefore is null and void.

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