Philanthropy Plus Program

Welcome to this newly launched Philanthropy Plus Program which is designed to help people help others. In the recent past I have spoken to a lot of people that want to do more to help the world. Many suggest they are unsure exactly how to start making the best contribution to make the biggest impact.

You can..

Make this world better, Making this world better.

“I too have had to take a lot of time to figure out my greatest opportunity to contribute to the future I want to create”

Many people know from experience, too much of the donations given to major charities are misspent or embezzled. What this means for society is a need for independent, transparent programs and initiatives is on the rise.

This initiative does really well for people wanting to become a philanthropists, but it also does well for some other angles of approach too. Such as seniors and those trying to transition their lives into a more relaxed yet personally productive routine.

When people are short on purpose in their days and lives, it’s easy for them to get lost and create problems for themselves. The Philanthropy Plus Program will help you, while helping you help others.

If you are inspired to answer any of the questions listed below, let’s talk, send me your answers. I would love to give you something to enable you to help you make the world a better place.

  • Are you someone looking to make a difference in the world?
  • Do you strive for greater purpose and adventure?
  • Are you passionate about helping people?
  • Do you have money or time and no idea how to best use it to help people?
  • Can you envision something better?
  • Have you thought about what maximising your potential can look like?

My goal is to give you all the tools, resources, awareness, connections procedures, and implementations you need to start making a real difference in the immediate future.

What Is provided;

  • Personalised teaching for where you are looking to learn and grow
  • An unparalleled consulting solution with a lot of experience and unique opinions
  • Real world experience building and maintaining my own philanthropy (check out my Clean Water Initiative here for more information or to apply)
  • A complete plan, budgeting guides, marketing, websites, sales and technical support guides
  • Synergistic community involvement including making calls, sales, and building community cooperation
  • Procedure writing, recruitment and distributions
  • Life coaching from a modern day philosopher

What is the price for this all encompassing service?

What do I expect in exchange for everything I can contribute with the Philanthropy Plus Program?

$30 CAD an hour

only billed after approval and with the highest care for value and transparency. This is all in one planning and implementation resource for you to take your ideas to improve the world from scratch to a fully running non for profit. Not only will I help all throughout without taking on ownership, I will even give you my opinions throughout the planning and implementation. Transparently, If you have an idea I am not so sure of, I will tell you the truth, for me it’s about Love first in all things.

Thank you for your time and interest in improving the world, below you will find a form you can fill out to send me.

Now it’s time to change the world!

Become a philanthropist!


Joseph McDonald

Love Profit Consulting