FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need you for more than just a consultation on occasion?

We can discuss terms for other long term solutions on the basis of my other business Joe Company Consulting where I work with less formal terms. Find out more about my offerings as a philosopher here. Or of course we can find terms through Love Profit Consulting, however the service and price point are in some ways different. Call or get in touch with me here for further discussion.

Do you help non for profits or other world improvement initiatives? What if I would like your help but I cannot afford you?

For non for profit or world improvement initiatives I do authentically put Love first, so we can discuss my ability to contribute to your project, however please note time is my most cherished asset. So value conversion is essential as well as communication and commitment.

Where are you located?

I currently live in Angus Ontario, however I do work nomadically bringing my office with me throughout my travels

What if I would like your help but I cannot afford you?

If you cannot afford my rates through Love Profit Consulting, please reach out to me as a philosopher. Through the same phone # or through my Facebook page.

Do you have any references or testimonials?

Yes I have 10 authentic 5 star reviews on my original consulting business page which can be found here.

Do you have access to more consultants within your network?

Yes I have access to a variety of other consultants each with specific specialities they can provide as needed.

What do you invest in?

I invest in stable long term proven growth. What I believe we as a society need in the future, that is what I invest in. For specifics please get in touch.

Why all the space themes with the branding images?

The space images are beautiful, complex, inspirational and beyond anything a testament to the size and complexity of life. Learn more in a short video found on this page. Space Themes.

What is happening with your business in relation to the COVID-19 quarantine?

Please click this link to go to a short video talking about what COVID means to our current potential for a consultation.

What are the differences between Joe Company Consulting, and Love Profit Consulting?

Check out this short video for the answer.