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Love, rarely understood to be a part of business, or to even be in proximity to profit. However every day we climb closer to the future, a future where I for one expect to create a better world and way of life. For not only myself, but my children and my children’s children. But not just for me and my family, for everyone. The love that we are creating in the world of business is one such force which will not break or fall out of favour.

Growing on the support local movement is the support loving cooperative sustainable businesses, with ethical practices and principals.

As the market closes into tighter and tighter patterns of resource management and movement. The importance of every decision grows as well.

Would you support a business with a history of lying, tax evasion, extortion, criminal connections, lobbyists, and other unethical behaviours?

I don’t think you would either, especially with the choice to get your same product or service from a loving aspect of the local community with the highest standards for natural prosperity and basic rights and freedoms.

Investments into this business, go right back into this country and the communities which the investments were made from. Any surplus I have goes into making the world a better place, as is notable in my two projects linked below conducted through Joe Company Consulting.

Active Love Based Initiatives

Clean Water Initiative
Clean water initiative, mineral water, freedom water, Good water, toxin free water, fluoride free water, free clean water, clean water for all. Clean water agenda you need clean water or want information about my Clean Water Initiative, click above or contact me for details
Loving Society Initiative
Spread the love, loving society project, Vows of love, rights and freedoms, picture perfect world, future, love, spread good, spread blessings
Are you interested in looking at a loving society of the future and how I plan for us to get there, check out the link above.

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